Polo Day Packages  
A fun, active learning experience for small groups: corporate, family or friends.
The day can be tailored for your needs, and might include the following:
  • Coffee & Basic introduction to the game of polo
  • Equipment for player & horse
  • Fundamental rules of the game
  • Stick and Ball session on foot with miniature polo sticks - learning to hit the ball and different types of shot
  • Riding the horse - learning how to ride polo style, position & balance, the basic aids, holding the reins, stopping and turning
  • Practising the polo swing on the horse
  • Stick & Balling including the tactical aspects of: riding off, hooking, marking and individual & team strategy
  • A practise chukka. Clients are divided into groups and play a short match.
  • Lunch & Question time!
  • Watch a real Polo Game at Cowdray Park Polo Club (if available)
    Please contact Adrian Wade to discuss your particular requirements.