Polo Livery  
Facilities include stick & ball and practice field, exercise track, private stables and friendly chukkas. Coaching is included for livery clients wanting to improve their polo riding and shots, play making and team strategy. Full livery is charged on a per horse per week basis as follows.
Horses In Work:
  • Management and daily care
  • Exercise and training of horses
  • Stick and balling, chukkas & coaching
  • Stabling, feed, hay and bedding for horses
  • Team organisation and management
  • Polo-match horse preparation
    Horses at Grass: summer or winter
  • Management and daily care
  • Grazing and hay
    Adrian was awarded the Cowdray Park Polo Club 'Large Cup' for care of his ponies in 2004.
    Please contact Adrian Wade for further details and prices.